Residential Neighborhood Effects


Using cross-national comparisons, my initial work on neighborhood effects scoped outward investigating how national contexts and opportunity hoarding in White middle- and upper-class communities perpetuates inequities across generations. Building on this work, I am currently working on a piece investigating the divergent influences of White communities on Asian, Latinx, and Black enclaves.

Racial Residential Segregation


Using Critical Race Theory, I have introduced novel operationalizations of segregation indexes and interpretations of changing neighborhood racial demographics. Building upon previous work on the influence of White segregation on inequality, I am currently working on two projects examining the role White segregation plays in racial disparities in arrest rates and educational attainment.

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Natural Disasters


As natural hazards increase in intensity and frequency, they are also perpetuating inequality. Expanding my publications on how natural hazards and FEMA aid perpetuate inequality, I am currently working on a piece exploring how nonprofits influence inequality after disasters.

Housing Appraisal Industry


A key mechanism perpetuating racial inequality is home appraisals. Furthering my previous work on housing appraisals in Houston, I am conducting a national mixed-methods project on how appraisals continue to influence racail wealth inequality, racial segregation, and educational inequities.