The scientific method requires the replication of studies to confirm and refine empirical findings. Below are data sets associated with my published research. These can be used for confirming results and instruction. If you are interested in using these data sets for other purposes such as publishing or marketing please email me at JuniaHowell {@}

Howell, Junia and Michael Emerson. “Preserving Racial Hierarchy amidst Changing Racial Demographics: How Neighbourhood Racial Preferences Are Changing While Maintaining Segregation.” Ethnic and Racial Studies. DOI: 10.1080/01419870.2017.1398833

Howell, Junia and Michael Emerson. “So What ‘Should’ We Use? Evaluating the Impact of Five Racial Measures on Markers of Social Inequality.” Sociology of Race and Ethnicity. 3(1):14-30.DOI: 10.1177/2332649216648465